The Specific Adjusting Machine

History of The Specific Adjusting Machine (cont.)

Only those patients who understand what is being done and give it a chance will get results. If a person who has suffered from headaches over a period of time has cord pressure removed, it is not reasonable to expect the headaches will disappear at once. This does happen occasionally but the average case outgrows the symptoms gradually as one would expect in any growth process. The headaches usually become less frequent and less intense as time passes. Instead of gradually getting worse, the process is reversed and the patient gradually grows better. The removal of cord pressure permits recovery to take place. This is no panacea, this is no cure-all; it is a simple straight-forward program for locating and removing the cause of the disease. The average, ordinary health services make no attempt to detect and record nerve pressure. Consequently thousands of people are suffering the results of nerve interference and don't even know it.


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By 1943, Dr. Zimmerman had developed and perfected a system for taking stereo (third dimension) x-rays down through the foramen magnum. This procedure reveals the location of the atlas and axis and their mechanical relation to the neural canal. Two views taken down through the hole-in-the-head plus a side view and a front-to-back constitute an x-ray set. Analysis of these x-rays provides the information needed to make the proper adjustment.

From the very beginning of his practice, Dr. Zimmerman was dedicated to the problem of removing nerve pressure as permanently as possible. This meant a constant study to improve methods of contacting and adjusting the atlas (or axis) is being adjusted.


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