The Specific Adjusting Machine

History of The Specific Adjusting Machine (cont.)

It concerns a carefully planned procedure which the writer has used exclusively since 1948. He has machine adjusted more than 48,000 individuals at this time - December 1986. Most patients are adjusted on the atlas vertebra; about half are adjusted on the right and half on the left transverse of the atlas vertebra. Very few are adjusted on the spinous of the axis vertebra.

Perhaps the most interesting and fascinating part of this story is the way in which the idea of mechanical adjusting catches on with the public. People who have been cared for in this way will travel thousands of miles when they need another adjustment because they have found, by experience, that it cannot be duplicated by hand.


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Day after day, patients who have been to many chiropractors without getting permanent results come to consult with Dr. Zimmerman. He discusses the problems involved and carefully points out the possibility of spinal cord pressure existing at the base of the skull. Regardless of what else has been done, if a nerve pressure still exists at this point, the patient's condition will remain unchanged. Patients question why all chiropractors don't do this same kind of work; especially those who have graduated from the same school, and more especially, when the patients have had to travel several hundred miles to get a correction made by a machine in the upper cervical region. Unfortunately, this procedure is not taught in any school.

The results of a careful survey of patient's reports will show that regardless of what else was done to the patient by any therapy, manipulation, treatment, etc. unless something was done to the cervical region, the patient had only temporary relief. This then indicates beyond argument that unless a standardized program is set up for removal of nerve pressure in the cervical region, the patient will get no permanent results.

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