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About Dr. Canepa

Education: Dr. Canepa graduated from Life Chiropractic College -West in San Lorenzo, CA in 1983, and has been serving patients in the Bay Area and beyond for over 30+ years.

Experience: Upon graduating, Dr. Canepa studied under Dr. Arden D. Zimmerman, D.C. (developer of The Specific Adjusting Machine) and practiced with him from 1984-1986. In 1986, Dr. Canepa opened his own office, continuing to practice in the same manner, but with an improved adjusting machine that was quieter and faster. It made for a more comfortable adjustment. Dr. Zimmerman gave Dr. Canepa sole authority to be the only doctor to continue the Specific Adjusting Machine Technique.


Dr. Luigi H. Canepa, D.C.
1160 Homestead Road
Santa Clara, CA 95050


Telephone: (408) 244-6335

My Technique

Upper Cervical Chiropractic (UpC): The upper neck area is the most critical area of the spine, where the nervous system can be affected. In this area, spinal cord compression can exist as a result of misalignment of the atlas and/or axis vertebrae. Dr. Canepa feels that most specialists have overlooked this condition, and has focused his career around treating it.

Specific Adjusting Machine (SAM): Dr. Canepa uses the Specific Adjusting Machine to administer treatment. The machine takes only a fraction of a second to deliver a scientific movement in a precise direction to relieve nerve pressure.


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