The Specific Adjusting Machine

About The Specific Adjusting Machine

Overview: The Specific Adjusting Machine is the key element in a technique developed by Dr. Arden Zimmerman, D.C., to deliver an adjustment "specific" to an individual on the axis/atlas (upper neck) vertebrae. This is the area commonly affected by nerve pressure, which can in turn affect the entire nervous system.

The process involves taking x-rays, analyzing nerve pressure, and delivering a precise adjustment to the patient.

The result is a specific adjustment, which could not be administered by hand, reduced nerve pressure, and better overall health.


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History of The Specific Adjusting Machine

The following is an article that appeared in the Digest of Chiropractic Economics in May-June 1963, written by Dr. Arden D. Zimmerman, D.C.

The Research and Development of The Specific Adjusting Machine (SAM)

For more than twenty-five years, Chiropractic leaders have been saying that if Chiropractic is to survive, it must be recognized by the various jurisdictions of our society. The writer submits that if Chiropractic is to survive, it must offer the sick a standardized service of proven value, at the lowest cost possible. This report is offered as evidence that there is no competition for a scientific chiropractic service which removes nerve pressure and stops there.

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