The Specific Adjusting Machine

History of The Specific Adjusting Machine (cont.)

He received his license to practice in California in August, 1939. His first interest was directed to the task of finding a positive method of obtaining X-ray information about the occipito-atlanto-axial region because of a study of the full spine reveals that the atlas and axis are the only freely moveable vertebrae.

An examination of the occipito-atlanto-axial region will reveal that the atlas and axis vertebrae are in a class by themselves.

See GRAY'S ANATOMY, 23rd Edition.

Page 279 Articulations of the Vertebral Column


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"Articulations of Vertebral Bodies (intercentral ligaments). - The articulations between the bodies of the vertebrae are amphiarthrodial joints, and the individual vertebrae move only slightly on each other."

Page 297 Articulations of the Atlas with the Epistropheus or Axis

"This joint allows the rotation of the atlas (and, with it, the skull) upon the axis, the extent of the rotation being limited by the alar ligaments."

Page 288 Articulations of the Vertebral Column with the Cranium



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