What To Expect (cont.)

Step 3

Dr. Canepa makes one specific adjustment to re-set the atlas or axis vertebra using a specially designed adjusting machine. This machine is engineered to deliver a precise force. The adjustment, which is actually a scientific movement in a pre-determined direction, takes only a fraction of a second. Experience has shown that patients receiving one very specific adjustment on the atlas or axis vertebra will get well and stay well.


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Step 4

Following the adjustment, it is necessary for the patient to rest before leaving the office. This allows the body to make the needed constructive changes and it lets the spine begin its realignment process. The longer the adjustment holds in its proper position, the more rapid the recovery to good health. Many people hold their adjustments for months and even years - unlike ordinary chiropractic treatments. Follow-up examinations will be used to monitor the patient's progress. At that time another Differential Heat Recorder Exam will be done. Remember that when nerve interference is removed, communication between your nervous system and the rest of your body is restored. The body can then heal itself. It is as simple as that.



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